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Electrostatic Painting

This painting process can prove itself to be extremely helpful, especially when painting difficult and time consuming areas such as your fence or even railings.

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Sliding Door Repair

We offer maintenance of sliding doors. Includes repair and change of parts.

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WJAB Enterprises Inc. is a team that remains true to our founding values and principles as a company. It is only with passion, integrity, diligence, teamwork, and hard work that we can set the standard of quality that others must follow. We pride in the electrostatic painting services that we provide.

With WJAB Enterprises Inc., your project is in good hands. We have a proven track record of meeting demands and surpassing expectations. Truly, we are the team for the job! Contact our professionals and see for yourself why we are your best bet for your upcoming paint project.

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Excellence is our middle name! WJAB Enterprises Inc. is a family owned and operated business running on experience, skill, and dedication. Because we are dedicated to our field, we continuously innovate in product, material, and technique. In the long run, we want to offer you the best results possible.

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Take less time to paint your surfaces with quick and thorough coating that our experts can provide. You can forget about trying to paint from every angle, as with electrostatic painting, you cover it all from the same spot- and evenly!

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At WJAB Enterprises Inc. we understand how painting is not just a one size fits all kind of a project. We have the different tools and paint required to obtain the best outcome possible. We take painting to a whole new level of excellence with our eye for detail, craftsmanship, and innovation.

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