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Electrostatic Painting

This painting process can prove itself to be extremely helpful, especially when painting difficult and time consuming areas such as your fence or even railings. WJAB Enterprises Inc. offers beneficial electrostatic painting services so that your paint job remains neat and clean.

Take less time to paint your surfaces with quick and thorough coating that our experts can provide. You can forget about trying to paint from every angle, as with electrostatic painting, you cover it all from the same spot- and evenly!

This is the basic concept of Electrostatic Painting, the element to be painted receives a negative charge by means of a regular cable. The paint is sprayed by means of a special gun with a rotating bell and in the spraying process it transmits a positive charge creating an magnetic effect. Because of this, the metal surface attracts the paint like a magnet since the positive and negative charges attract. Therefore, the paint looks for the object that is being painted and completely envelops it, This occurs because the attraction between the opposite charges is so strong that the load will draw the paint around the object, completely covering the surface. The paint is statically attracted to the metal from all directions and eliminating excess spraying. Imagine how this could work by painting a wrought iron fence, for example. The paint would be sprayed, wrapped, and adhered to each part of the fence. There would be no problem in the surrounding area and there would be little lost or unused paint, since there is no excess spraying.

Our Electrostatic Painting services include:

  • Electrostatic Fence Painting

  • Electrostatic Door Painting

  • Electrostatic Metal Painting

  • Electrostatic Structure Painting


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When your metal pieces require a paint job, electrostatic paint is a desirable option. WJAB Enterprises Inc. specializes in electrostatic solutions at a fair price. When we electrostatic paint your metals, you can rely on the fact that even the hardest to reach areas will be coated.

Very little paint is lost in overspray, meaning that your money isn’t wasted! You can easily restore a factory-finished look to any metal item, with our help. Contact the experts at WJAB Enterprises Inc., and experience the difference.

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